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Single daddy wolf by KaijuKaiser Single daddy wolf :iconkaijukaiser:KaijuKaiser 47 64
A Gift Of Love
“No, it’s okay.  You can take it,” he said reassuringly to her.
“N-no . . . I can’t.  If you get in trouble, I won’t stand for it.  I won’t!” Her voice rose to an octave higher than her normal timid, almost child-like speech.  “Wouldn’t your parents get suspicious if such a large amount of money was gone from your bank account?”
He almost smiled.  He could feel a grin tugging on his lips.  It’s just like her . . . To worry about me rather than herself. She’s so . . . kind.  “My parents don’t care.  They put it this way, ‘Link, you can do whatever you want.  Just don’t get arrested by the police.’  So, it’s fine.  It’s absolutely fine.  Besides, I really want you to have it.”  In the center of his palm was a beautiful gold Italian chain with
:iconfiery-ice:fiery-ice 10 78
The Giantess Syndrome. (Part: 8
Rough and unedited version: WILL update it soon and add more~
Edit: Hello, I'm Ewwotisdis, I'm currently helping GigantaGiantessa. What I'm doing is editing all of the military related parts of her story, also I suggest things every now and then, and I do a little bit of grammar fixing. I don't know if shes going straight to the next part or going to edit in some more speech into this.
"Where is Oliver!" Rick yelled, causing everyone in the lab to stop what they were doing at look at the screaming Captain.
"I-In the Giantesses prison." One of the scientists spoke up nervously, afraid he might lose his new job if he did not answer.
Rick gritted his teeth in annoyance as he looked over to Rusu in her glass dwelling, seeing her harsh glare all too clearly. "GIVE...ME...BACK...MY...SON..." Rick practically hissed out.
Rusu only smirked down at him,cupping a now sleeping Oliver to her chest as he snugg
:icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 11 40
Dwindling Time || Thirteen
Mountains of fresh, damp soil were piled around the gnarled tree. Cliff had been toiling for nearly an hour, with little to show for it other than the sweat bleeding through his t-shirt. 
Sylvia stole another look at Felix out of the corner of her eye. While she was glad to be free of the bottle, the leather jacket Cliff had draped over them protectively did little to muffle his movements. The ground quaked violently as Cliff worked, igniting a tingling sense of danger she couldn't shake off. But Felix didn't look scared. He looked hypnotized. 
"Won't your mother be out looking for you soon?" Sylvia whispered. 
"I left my new pendant under my pillow," Felix replied, not looking away. "Far as she knows, I'm still in bed."
"You really think that's going to work?"
He shrugged. "Guess we'll see." 
Threading her fingers anxiously, Sylvia tried not to be discouraged by the sound of another hill of dirt being added to the mountain. She felt like they were looking through t
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 12 16
A Christmas with Christine (vore story)
It had been nearly two years since Marcus and Christine had started dating one another. It really was a crazy thought for Marcus; to have such a beautiful woman in his life who loved him, but also happened to share his own sexual interests. That certainly made the whole admitting process a lot easier; in fact, Marcus basically got to skip the whole thing! He would go visit Christine every day that he had the time; because they were still young, and because Christine was going to college, they did not have time to hang out all the time and they still lived with their families for financial security. Because of this, there were long periods of time where they would not see each other, which greatly affected both of them.
It was December 15th- the day that Christine’s semester at University ended. Marcus decided that they needed to meet up again, and not just to hang out. It needed to be for something important. After a long commute through traffic, Marcus arrived at Christine
:iconvorarephiliac:Vorarephiliac 42 6
Legend of Wolf Creek *Vore*
Warning: vore, child abuse, sadness
In a town with a neighbor hood lined with a few homes and school, along with a play ground and even some shops it was quit a small town not much happened around that town it was always quiet little town but it was know for its legends the town's name was "Wolf Creek" and you will know why the legend came true and why it earned that name.
In the small part of a neighbor hood in Wolf Creek lived a family of four the youngest was a 10 year old boy by the name of Toby he was a quiet boy he never socialized with anyone but he had some friends at his school, being the youngest and the first born son of his family he was treated more harshly by his father, Toby's father was a known as the town drunk also the town trouble maker always starting fights and always hurting others, Toby's mother and sister could do nothing to help Toby when his father beat him harshly his mother could not even divorce him he paid the bills and insertions for the family and her's,
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 145 153
Sandstorm by Razorshell Sandstorm :iconrazorshell:Razorshell 130 31 Daily Paint 1608. Spyder by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1608. Spyder :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,929 169 +I'm the Ocean+ by larienne +I'm the Ocean+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,641 0
Wilka Trezind
A young man was walking alone in the forest near his village, he was gathering supplies to help build a new business place for his grandfather. However, he soon became lost, and the sun was starting to lay down to rest and the moon was taking its place. The young man had heard many different legends and myths about strange and bizarre beasts that come out at night, but he never believed in them. A beautiful, white, glowing moon was out tonight, it was almost hypnotic. The boy's grandfather told him not to go out tonight, for there would be a full moon out. The grandfather said that during a full moon wolf-like creatures come out and prey on those who are foolish enough to leave the "safe" confines of the village's wall, and that he had some scars on his back to prove it. However, the young man didn't believe him, he just thought he was getting senile, 'cause his grandfather got those scars when he was a mercenary a long time ago. Oddly though, his grandfather wasn't the only person to
:iconzakkerus:ZAKKERUS 39 9
Mature content
Dragon Dreams - Chapter 14 :iconiamayreth:iamayreth 11 13
o shit by yq6 o shit :iconyq6:yq6 422 60
Secrets of the Cave Ch. 6
"It's so exciting to finally get to meet you," Jenny said as she led Kathleen deeper into the cave, "We always wished we could play with you when we were younger and you would come to visit mom, but she was worried that you would be afraid of us," she stopped for a moment and turned to face Kathleen, "You're not afraid of us are you? I mean I know Richard was trying to scare you, but he's really harmless, he's just worried about what would happen to us if anyone else found out about us, but you're the last person he'd ever hurt."
Kathleen smiled, "Of course I'm not afraid of you, we're practically cousins." she told her.
"Well adopted cousins," Jenny said smiling, "I don't think Richard would want to think of you as being related."
"Why not?" Kathleen asked.
"Oh- um," Jenny glanced behind them then leaning in close whispered, "don't let him know I told you this, but let's just say Richard never fully out grew that crush he had on you," Jenny told her then quickly added, "Not that he'd
:icondragon-star-empress:Dragon-Star-Empress 9 8
The Gift of Light by Yokoboo The Gift of Light :iconyokoboo:Yokoboo 86 14 Dragonfly Dragon by jeroenpaint Dragonfly Dragon :iconjeroenpaint:jeroenpaint 76 16 The Sunbeam and the Captive by Kurozora-Konoi The Sunbeam and the Captive :iconkurozora-konoi:Kurozora-Konoi 75 18


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